My Gamer Resume

As part of my Secret Project, I needed to create a document that listed my gamer credentials. A document that detailed my better campaigns, game systems I am familiar with, blogs that I have written for, and talks that I have given.  So I created a Gamer Resume.

Take a look. The resume (in PDF) can be seen here.

I did not do this for any kind of bragging rights. When the Secret Project is revealed, it will be clear what it is for. But for now, I found this to be an interesting exercise and a great way for me to document my own journey through this hobby; starting from the “Pink Box” D&D all the way through my Iron Heroes campaign.

I am encouraging everyone to create their own Gamer Resume.  Take the time to document the campaigns you have run, all the things that you have done in this hobby.  Over time, you may forget some of the games you have played in, but if you document them in your resume, there will always be a reminder.  Take time each year to update your resume, so that it stays current.

So if you want to start, I am offering up this MS Word document located here (Word 2007 format).  Feel free to change it up, add sections that I don’t have, remove sections you are not using, etc.  Make it your own.

Here are the major sections I included in my Resume:

  • Entry into RPG’s— I listed the first game that I played as a player.  This is to establish just how old I am.
  • Campaigns Game Mastered— Here I listed all my major campaigns.  I did not list the failures or any short run campaigns (less than a few months); only the more successful ones.  I don’t think I could even remember all the failures and short run campaigns now.
  • Blogging Experience— This section lists all the blogs that I have written articles for.
  • Presentations Given— These are the talks I have given at various GenCon’s of the past few years.
  • RPG Systems Proficient— This lists all the game systems that I have played more than one game in.  No claims I remember the rules to every game system, but at one time or another I have played these systems.
  • Collectible Card Games Proficient— I was never much of a CCG player, other than the requisite time playing Magic in the mid-90’s,  but you may have be a much more robust player.
  • Miniature Games Proficient— CMG experience.  My only experience was a run of Mage Knight and MechWarrior a few years ago.
  • Conventions Attended— I have been to a few conventions over the years.  Not as many as a lot of people, but enough that I thought I would list them.

So what is missing?  There are a few sections, that could be added to the format.  If you have experience in them, you may want to add some of these sections:

  • Games Playtested— If you have playtesting credits, I would list them here.  Be careful about the non-disclosure agreements you have signed with various companies, before you list them.  I would say a safe rule of thumb is that if you are listed in the book’s playtesting section, add it.
  • Publications— If you have officially published any gaming material, or have authored, or co-authored any published product, I would put it here.
  • Convention Games Run–If you have experience running convention games, list that as well.

I am sure people will think of others, so if you do, list them in the comments section.

So go and create your own gamer resume, and when you do, add a link in the comments to your resume, so that we all can see it.

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  1. Nice! I posted one up on my RPG Wiki, so my players can see it, too.

  2. @Brent: Great resume. I like that you added your design credits, complete with direct links to the rules for Gunwave.


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