GM-Fu For The Masses!

Early this morning, my fellow GM-Fu master, Vicki Potter, at Tabletop Adventures, announced that our PDF version of our workbook, from this year’s GenCon talk, Mastering Your GM-Fu: Session Prep had been released to the following sites:

Mastering Your GM-Fu: Session Prep, is full of techniques and tips for how to improve upon your session prep, in order to enhance the content of your notes, as well as to improve the way you write them.  It is 30 pages long and even has a few homework problems for you to try.

Go and get yourself a copy of Mastering Your GM-Fu: Session Prep and make start on your path to Session Prep Mastery.

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  1. Edge89156 |

    Thats awsome Phil and the Cover is pretty slick who drew it up for you?

  2. The cover was done by one of the in-house artists for Tabletop Adventures. Tabletop was kind enough to donate their artist to our endeavor, and I love the cover as well.